KIST is pleased to announce the availability of internship positions for Korean-Canadian students. The purpose of the program is to help Korean-Canadian students cultivate knowledge in the student's major field of study through participation in research activities and on-site guidance from an academic adviser, and to provide the opportunity to learn about the research culture in Korea.



AKCSE Deadline: March 26, 2016



1. Qualifications: Students majoring in natural sciences or engineering (Students enrolled in an undergraduate, masters, Ph.D., or combined degree program)


2. Duration: Negotiable (*2 to 8 weeks during summer vacation)


3. How to apply

The Association of Korean-Canadian Scientists & Engineers (AKCSE) will recommend potential candidates to KIST.  KIST will review applications and designate an appropriate research advisor for each student.


○ To apply: Submit a resume (should include the candidate’s research field(s) of interest)


·        Submit Curriculum Vitae (CV) and one page Statement of Interest for the KIST internship program.

·        Please also indicate your proficiency in Korean and your GPA in the CV.

Send the application to:

Dr. Martin Jun mbgjun@uvic.ca or

Dr. Simon Park simon.park@ucalgary.ca

AKCSE will recommend 5+ students to KIST for the internship opportunities.


4. Compensation

○ KIST provides the following:

   - Monthly stipend (maximum amount for undergraduates: 800,000 KRW, masters: 1.2 million KRW, PhDs: 1.6 million KRW) *Within the range stated above, the research director will decide on the exact amount.


※Students are responsible for the cost of their flights, lodging, meals, and insurance.

※The KIST dormitory will be provided on an availability basis, so students must consult with KIST in advance. (A monthly rent cost for the dormitory is approximately KRW120,000 and two students share one room.)


5. Academic Credits

It is up to the student’s school to decide whether the credit earned at KIST is transferable, and if so, KIST will issue a certificate of proof acknowledging the completion of the program.


6. Visa

Canadian citizens are eligible to stay in Korea for 6 months without a visa. After 6 months, students with an F4 visa can stay longer in Korea.


7. For more information contact: Ms. Kyong Hwa LEE, Chief, Academic Affairs Team, KIST  leekh@kist.re.kr   T.  02-958-6105