2015 KIST Student Summer Internship

The purpose of the KIST student summer internship program is to help higher education students cultivate ‘real-world’ knowledge in their chosen field of study by participating in research activities and having on-site experience with an adviser, and to provide an opportunity for students to learn about the research culture in Korea.


 Eligibility: Applicants must be undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in a natural science or engineering program, both at the time of application and during the entire period of internship. Applicants must also be in good standing with their school.


 Selection Procedure: The Association of Korean-Canadian Scientists & Engineers (AKCSE) recommends candidates to KIST.  KIST selects new intern(s) among the recommended candidates.  KIST will designate an appropriate research advisor for each selected student.


AKCSE Deadline: March 23, 2015

To apply: Submit a resume (should include the candidate’s research field(s) of interest)



  • Submit Curriculum Vitae (CV) and one page Statement of Interest for the KIST internship program.

  • Please also indicate your proficiency in Korean and your GPA in the CV.

  • Indicate desired areas of research internship including appropriate group(s) and/or researchers from KIST English website : http://eng.kist.re.kr/kist_eng/?sub_num=409

Send the application to:

Dr. Martin Jun mbgjun@uvic.ca or Dr. Simon Park simon.park@ucalgary.ca

AKCSE will recommend 5+ students to KIST for the internship opportunities.


 Duration: Three month (the length of stay is negotiable)


 Compensation: Monthly Stipend (to be decided by an advisor after consultation)

 For Undergraduate Students: up to KRW1,000,000/month

 For Master’s Course Students: up to KRW1,200,000/month

 For Doctorate Course Students: up to KRW1,600,000/month 

[USD1  KRW1,100]


Students are responsible for the cost of their flights, lodging, meals, and insurance.

The KIST dormitory will be provided on an availability basis, and hence, students interested in staying at the dorm must make inquiries to KIST in advance. (A monthly rent for the dormitory is KRW120,000, and two students share one room.)


 For More Information: Contact Mrs. Kyoung Hwa LEE, Chief, Academic Affairs Team, Global School for R&D atleekh@kist.re.kr